Glen Ridge’s Shade Tree Commission wins prestigious award

GLEN RIDGE, NJ — Glen Ridge’s Shade Tree Commission, under the leadership of Chairperson Elizabeth Baker, was awarded the 2021 New Jersey Urban & Community Forestry Achievement Award by the New Jersey Forest Service, the New Jersey Community Forestry Council and the New Jersey Tree Foundation during the Shade Tree Federation Awards Banquet on Oct. 20 in Cherry Hill. 

The award recognizes those nominees whose outstanding efforts have greatly contributed to the field of urban and community forestry. Achievements in urban and community forestry include improving the environment in New Jersey’s communities through wise management of the trees and forest resources; developing of a self-sustaining local urban and community forestry program; and enhancing the beauty of New Jersey’s cities and towns with programs and projects for trees and forests. 

“Glen Ridge’s community forest is one of the borough’s greatest assets,” Mayor Stuart Patrick said. “All of our community benefits from the work of the Shade Tree Commission to preserve and maintain our trees and, on behalf of myself and the council, I thank them for their work.” 

“The nearly 3,700 trees that line our streets serve many important functions, including cleaning the air we breathe, shading our streets, cooling our homes, slowing stormwater runoff and adding to property values, among other benefits,” Baker said. “The trees have gone from a pleasant boroughwide amenity to an environmental imperative in this time of climate change and our team on the commission has stepped up to meet this challenge.” 

“Congratulations to our Shade Tree Commission on this award,” said borough administrator Michael Zichelli, who accepted the award on behalf of the commission. “Not only does the commission preserve our past, but they also are looking to the future by addressing the impacts of climate change and increasing extreme weather events by having an active maintenance pruning program and carefully choosing species for future conditions to ensure our shade trees are here to provide benefits for the next generation.”