A delicious Israeli dessert at Club TBA

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Photo Courtesy of Tina Greenberg
From left are Club TBA members Colette Kay, Samantha Steiner, Chloe Lee, Jake Stecklow, Brett Stecklow, Emily Martin and Alyssa Lowenfish.

LIVINGSTON, NJ — On Feb. 2 and 3, Club TBA members, of the Jewish Learning Program of Temple B’nai Abraham, created a delicious Israeli dessert. The children enjoyed making Israeli chocolate cookie truffles called Kadorei Shokolad. They customized them by rolling them in sprinkles or chocolate chips. This is a no-bake recipe great for children; they loved sampling their finished product.

Club TBA, for grades three through six, meets twice each month. The programs are an enjoyable social way for TBA students to have fun while socializing, eating pizza and participating in games and activities with their JLP friends. The group is led by TBA Coordinator of Special Projects Arleen Lichtenstein.