Livingston police host TBA Early School ‘recruits’

Photo Courtesy of Tina Greenberg
Welcomed by Livingston Police Officer Kevin Mullaney, left, and Capt. Gary Marshuetz, right, are Early School students, from left, Eli Kahn, Harrison Skolnick, Austin Kroll, Max Dworkin, Shai Stoller, Jack Lord, Zachary Schlesinger, Mardy Kranz and Daniel Smolyanskiy, with Early School teachers Rhona Jacobs and Harriet Jacobs.

LIVINGSTON, NJ — Most children are probably familiar with the police officer, but how much do they know about this important community helper? Students in the K-ready classes of The Early School of Temple B’nai Abraham had the amazing opportunity to visit the Livingston Police Department headquarters and take an in-depth tour of the facility.

During the facility tour, Capt. Gary Marshuetz and Officer Kevin Mullaney spoke to the children about safety issues and guided them through the purposes of the emergency call center, the roll call/training room, the “cell” block and the group favorite: the police garage, where the students were delighted to inspect the latest police vehicle, inside and out. The students were given badges and were designated as “recruits” by Mullaney and Marshuetz.