SOPAC lights up marquee with Beatles message of love

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — Joining several theaters across the country in a musical message of joy, South Orange Performing Arts Center recently posted the title of the Beatles’ iconic hit song “All You Need Is Love” on its marquee. The performing arts center was looking for ways to communicate with patrons in the area during its COVID-19 mandated closure and thought that a simple message of love would lift spirits and remind people of the inspiration that music and great artists bring to the world.

“We all can use a positive message as we try to keep our spirits up during these difficult times. What better way to do that than to invoke one of the most enduring songs of one of the most beloved rock bands of all time?” Executive Director Craig Sumberg said. “We look to songwriters, poets and other visionaries to help us get through tough times with inspiration and beauty. We look forward to opening SOPAC’s doors again in the not-too-distant future and welcoming great artists back to our stage.

“We hope this continues to spread across the country as we are reminded of the importance of loving each other through trying circumstances, and the power of music.”