NJ Transit enrolls largest class to join police department

NEWARK, NJ — The NJ Transit Police Department will soon enroll its largest class of police recruits to the Mercer County Police Academy.

The 25 new recruits will boost the department’s ranks to conduct additional security and counterterrorism operations throughout the NJ Transit system. The recruits are in the midst of their three-week pre-academy training at the NJ Transit Police Department Orange Counterterrorism Training Facility, where they will be trained on NJ Transit policies and procedures, customer service, virtual firearms simulators, rail and bus safety, internal affairs counterterrorism, academy procedures and discipline.

Following approximately six months in the police academy, the new officers will continue their training for an additional 16 weeks by working hand-in-hand with field officer training, where a veteran officer has the new officer shadow them throughout various police operations. Following additional testing and screening, the officers will be deployed on assignments protecting New Jersey’s transportation network.