Jordan Cacio, senior NHS Bowling Team

“Jordan has been bowling very well lately, posting high scores as we needed them and along with fellow senior Anthony Liloia have carried the team this year. He currently has the No. 2 average in the league, 191; 3rd high game, 268; and second high series, 665. Jordan has unlimited potential. He has one of the most powerful deliveries of any bowler in the state and I do believe that if he can harness consistency he will score well individuallly in not only the counties but state tournaments. Jordan has been a pleasure to coach these past 4 years and it has been nice to see him grow not only as a bowler but as a person.”
—Coach George M. Ackerman

How did you get into bowling?
I really stumbled upon bowling one day. I decided to try out for the freshman team and it turned out that I was really good. I made the freshman team and I’ve been bowling ever since.

Do you have a favorite place to bowl?
Ever since I was little my favorite place to bowl was Brunswick Zone in Belleville.

If a novice bowler asked you for advice, what would you tell them?
If a novice player asked me for advice I would first give them tips that would boost their confidence, have fun and relax.

When you prepare for a match, what is your mental strategy?
When preparing for a match I keep calm and keep on the task in front of me. My goal is to get an individually high game and a high series.

Do you bowl during the off-season?
I’m bowling all year round, but during the spring I take some time out from bowling to play my first love of baseball.

Imagine you won a contest and the prize was any car in the world. What would you get?
I’m not a big fan of cars, but my future truck would be a Wrangle or a F150. If I had to choose a car it would be a Chevy Camaro.

What are you doing for fun these days?
I’m always active, playing any sport really. I enjoy playing baseball and basketball for fun.

You are a senior. What are your post-graduation plans?
My post-graduation plans is to continue playing sports while in college. With college in the near future my goal is to be successful in what I decide to do and make new friends. I will bring my positive and encouraging ways with me along my journey. No matter what happens in life to anyone, the best thing you have will be your positivity. You may fail time to time but that’s life for you. You take one step at a time and don’t let one little thing ruin who you are as a person. Let your mind be open to experience new things and leave all the negative things behind.