Nutley Female Athlete of the Month

Brianna Cruz – NHS softball team, Sophomore

When did you first start playing softball?
I first started playing in first grade and I loved the sport.

You play third base — the hot corner. What are the challenges at that position?
One of the challenges I have at third is getting those fast line drives down the line. It can be a challenge sometimes trying to protect the line and make sure I’m not to close that the ball can get pass me on the other side so I have to make sure I’m ready and be prepared for anything.

What’s going through your mind when you’re up at bat?
While I’m up at bat I try not to think and put all my focus on watching the ball come in.

Could you talk about your best on-field memory?
My best memory on the field was my freshman year when I was told to bunt with runners on second and third. I got the bunt down in the line and got the two runs home and I got to third. I remember being so happy when I reached third base.

Who are your role models? How come?
My role models are my mom and dad because they taught me how to humble myself and to work hard on my own time in order to improve. And I’m so grateful for all the running around they do for me with softball.

How do you bond with your teammates?
I love my teammates. We all have a blast together and get along super well.

Are you involved with any other activities in school or the community?
I’m involved with Nutley volleyball and I’m also on a club team for softball. The team is ‘NJ fight.’

Do you have plans for the summer?
This summer I will be involved in softball tournaments with my club team and having fun hanging out with my friends.