Orange mayor speaks at leading cannabis business conference

Mayor Dwayne D. Warren

ORANGE, NJ — On Tuesday, June 8, Orange Mayor Dwayne D. Warren served as a policy panelist on the cannabis panel, sponsored by the Star-Ledger and produced by NJ Cannabis Insider. The objective of this informative virtual panel, moderated by Star-Ledger reporter Jelani Gibson, was to affect statewide rule making and policy development for municipalities.

At the heart of Warren’s presentation was the point that if the cannabis industry is undertaken in the city, it has to be safe for the public and it must be economically equitable. 

“I have instructed my administration to begin looking at innovative opportunities to engage this industry in a manner that protects our children while safeguarding family spaces,” Warren said.

He envisions that this can be carried out by requiring businesses to submit a community development plan on public safety and economic growth.

The concerns raised during the panel discussion are shared by municipalities across the state. As chairperson of the Cannabis Committee of the New Jersey Urban Mayors Association, Warren has raised issues that are critically important to urban centers where past marijuana enforcement policy has been detrimental. He has worked with the League of Municipalities to influence the regulatory process to produce regulations that will reflect local municipal values.