Orange police set up sobriety checkpoint to make roads safer

Photo Courtesy of Orange

ORANGE, NJ — In an effort to make roads safer and reduce accidents attributed to driving while under the influence, on Friday, Nov. 26, Orange Mayor Dwayne D. Warren approved a public safety sobriety checkpoint campaign. The Orange Police Department conducted the checkpoint on Scotland Road, looking for drivers who exhibited signs of impairment due to alcohol or drugs.

The police checkpoint included the department’s nine newest officers, who introduced themselves to motorists and solicited feedback. Warren praised the efforts of the Orange Police Department to incorporate positive community policing efforts during the sobriety checkpoint. The evening resulted in the confiscation of vehicles and arrest of those charged with driving under the influence.

Warren said the sobriety checkpoints will continue throughout the year at random locations in Orange with the goal of increasing vehicle and pedestrian safety. If residents have any questions or would like to report an aggressive driver or drivers creating road hazards, contact the Orange Police Department at 973-266-4111.