Black Parents Workshop Chisholm-Greene to board of trustees

Narda Chisholm-Greene

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Former Board of Education candidate Narda Chisholm-Greene has been appointed to serve on the board of trustees for the Black Parents Workshop. 

Outgoing Black Parents Workshop Chairman Walter Fields said, “We could not be more excited by the addition of Ms. Chisholm-Greene to our organization. In two campaigns for the Board of Education, she has demonstrated her deep commitment to the children in our two communities and her knowledge of the many issues that frustrate black student success in the South Orange-Maplewood School District. She is a strong voice and will bring tremendous value to the Black Parents Workshop.” 

Incoming Chairman James H. Davis III said, “Like me, Narda is a parent who has experienced the challenges of raising black children in our school district. She understands what it means to be a black parent seeking an excellent education for their children. Rather than just complain, she took the initiative of making her voice heard and engaging the voters of this community. We could not be more pleased with her willingness to serve on our board of trustees. I am excited by the prospect of working with her.” 

Founded five years ago, the Black Parents Workshop is in a state of transition. With the resignation of Fields as chairman, the organization will now be led by Davis. Fields will retain his seat on the board of trustees and lead the organization’s litigation work until it is resolved; he is moving his family to Maryland by the end of the calendar year.