CHS team wins 14th annual NJ Chinese Cultural Project Contest

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MAPLEWOOD / SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — On April 30, a team from Columbia High School won the 14th annual N.J. Chinese Cultural Project Contest at Seton Hall University. 

The team’s final presenters were Silas Silverman-Stollof, Irene Chen, Sabrina Mannion, Nigel Hu and Sophia Tierney. The other team members included Charlotte McCourt, Lola Christie and Abigail Freeman. Chinese teacher Jenny Lezzi and other students of the Chinese program helped make props for the final presentation.

This cultural contest was a research-based project that took more than five months of prep work, and had semifinal and final rounds. This year the research topic was: “How do TV shows reflect the Chinese and American cultures?” The students did interviews, conducted a survey, analyzed the data and prepared PowerPoint slides for the semifinal. For the final, the students presented their research findings and illustrated their analyses with skits. 

The students did an excellent job in both presentation of the research and performance of the skits, and they won high praises and big applause from the judges and audience. Chinese teacher Liping Meng advised the CHS team, with assistance from Lezzi.

Photos Courtesy of SOMSD