SOMA Action hosts thought-provoking panels capped by rebel-rousing party

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MAPLEWOOD / SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — SOMA Action, the South Orange and Maplewood–based grassroots organization focused on driving progressive change, hosted a day of action and a night of fun at the Maplewood Tennis Club on Saturday, Sept. 25. The indoor-outdoor event featured timely and informative panel discussions designed to support local activism on the most pressing issues facing the community, state and country.

Throughout the day, nearly 100 people attended the expert-led panels on key issues, including:

  • “Climate Action: Global and Local,” a Climate Committee discussion on national and local actions to take to fight for Earth, justice and public health.
  • “Redeeming Cannabis,” highlighting how racism has defined the war on drugs and its aftermath, and how the local cannabis industry can work to repair the harm inflicted on black and brown communities.
  • “Critical Race Theory: Dismantling Systemic Oppression,” to discuss how and why this landmark theory created such hysterically fearful reactions in so many conservatives. 

Attendees also enjoyed activities such as a mindfulness session and postcard-writing to voters in Virginia.

A night of fun followed, with catered meals from Reservoir, a local South Orange restaurant, open bar, DJ Dirty Preston, live music by Epic Soul, and a warm-up acoustic session by Allison Posner and Eli Bolin. Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, gave a rousing keynote address about the urgency of protecting the freedom to vote, and issued a call to action to keep the pressure on the Democratic Party, especially those elected officials who refuse to cast aside the filibuster.

For more information about SOMA Action, contact [email protected]

Photos Courtesy of Matt Peyton