CORESWCC recognizes two principals from the Oranges

Roosevelt Middle School Principal Lionel Hush and East Orange Campus High School Principal Ronnie Estrict

WEST ORANGE, NJ — West Orange Roosevelt Middle School Principal Lionel Hush and East Orange Campus High School Principal Ronnie Estrict have been named the recipients of the Circle of Rainbow Sisters Seeking Spiritual and Wellness Connection 2019 Financial Literacy Advocacy Award for Teens.

Both principals will be recognized at the fourth annual CORESWCC Recognition and Appreciation Award Ceremony, to be held at the Venetian in Garfield on Dec. 7.

According to a U.S. national statistics report: “The total amount of outstanding student loans reached an all-time high in 2019 — $1.41 trillion, according to the credit reporting agency Experian. That’s a percent increase from 2018 and a whopping 33-percent spike since 2014 when the total debt was $1.06 trillion. The average amount of student loan debt per borrower is $35.4 thousand.” 

The goal of CORESSWC’s Financial Literacy Program for Teens is to reduce the college debt ratio for participants in their three-tiered program. Partnering with N.J. public schools helps to build a strong alliance in showing the importance of financial literacy in creating a well-rounded, well-informed teen.

Hush was an advocate at RMS for financial literacy long before acting Gov. Sheila Oliver signed legislation into law that mandated the state Board of Education to include financial literacy instruction in the curriculum for students in sixth through eighth grade in public schools across the state. Hush had already partnered with CORESSWC and introduced the programs into RMS as early as January 2017, two years before the bill was signed into law in January 2019.

Hush’s advocacy resulted in the success of the Financial Discipline Award Grades 4-10 Program pilot during the past three years. Teens were rewarded cash toward opening or adding to their existing 529 accounts — a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future education costs — for helping to save money for their household’s electric, gas, water or food bills. The success of the program is a direct result of Hush’s schoolwide outreach by encouraging and engaging his students and by inviting CORESSWC’s team to regularly present at scheduled school assemblies.

Estrict is also a strong advocate of financial literacy for his college-bound students, as well as students seeking traditional careers. He is working with CORESSWC to introduce its financial literacy program to help bridge the gap and accelerate the implementation of the programs into East Orange Campus High School. 

When Estrict learned of CORESSWC’s Financial Readiness Academic Scholarship Award Program for high school juniors and seniors who have a grade-point average of B+ or better in financial literacy and B or better in math and language arts, he quickly adopted the benefits of the program for his students. 

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