Grant opportunities help improve quality-of-life issues in West Orange

Photo Courtesy of Joseph Fagan
West Orange Mayor Susan McCartney discusses Sustainable Jersey certification with department heads.

WEST ORANGE, NJ — West Orange Mayor Susan McCartney began the new year and her first term as mayor introducing an emphasis on moving West Orange forward, according to a press release from the township. She advised department heads at a Town Hall staff meeting on Friday, Jan. 6, to reevaluate operations within their department that might qualify for more potential points from Sustainable Jersey. Under the guidelines set forth on the Sustainable Jersey website at, registered municipalities can gain points to upgrade their certification status. Towns that achieve upgraded certification are recognized by state government and civic organizations to be visionary leaders.

Their website states, “Sustainable Jersey’s certified municipalities are national leaders in implementing solutions to key sustainability challenges. From efforts to reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve public health, stimulate local economies, increase resiliency and progress toward an equitable society, the actions completed by Sustainable Jersey communities have made a significant contribution.”

With this drive, West Orange Township could not only increase its certification status but better leverage the township’s standing to increase a more favorable status in receiving future grant considerations.

Typically, communities around New Jersey compete for state and federal grants for funding. Many of these projects affecting quality-of-life issues would not be possible if not for grant money.