Suicide awareness and intervention information session

WEST ORANGE, NJ — Roosevelt Middle School, located at 36 Gilbert Place, will host a suicide awareness and intervention information session on Monday, Nov. 12, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Caring Contact will share national and state suicide statistics, highlighting “at risk” groups. They will share details about risk factors for suicide, protective factors and suicide intervention. Caring Contact will provide parents and caregivers with tools to ask about suicide directly, techniques for truly being there for your child, and steps to collaborate with your child to keep them safe in the moment.

Highlights of this presentation include: opening a dialogue about suicide with someone in crisis; identifying the risk factors of someone in crisis; developing the skills to support those struggling, including active listening skills, such as asking directly about suicide, and applying basic suicide intervention skills; and providing suicide prevention resources.

Caring Contact is an award-winning, volunteer-staffed crisis hotline and listening community. They provide active listening support and best-in-class education to central and northern New Jersey communities. Caring Contact attentively and compassionately serves those in emotional distress and educates communities about the power of personal connection.

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