New East Orange Campus HS principal Ron Estrict wants to foster strong support for tradition-rich athletic department

New EOCHS principal Ron Estrict.

EAST ORANGE, NJ – Ron Estrict, the new principal at East Orange Campus High School, is excited about many things at the school, including its tradition-rich athletic department.

In an interview with on August 22, Estrict outlined his goals for the Jaguars sports programs.

“Basically I want to see all the varsity sports field competitive teams, and I would like to see all our student-athletes graduate on time,” said Estrict, who served in the Passaic school district for the past 19 years, including as a vice principal. “Hopefully, win a couple of championships for our students here; that’s always a push for sports teams, and hopefully those students will matriculate into college programs.”

The Jaguars sports programs have enjoyed tremendous success throughout the years, winning numerous championships. Many EOCHS athletes have continued their careers on the collegiate level. A few of them have achieved  remarkable success, including Cory Poole, a current track star at the University of Florida, who competed in the U20 World Championships in Finland this summer; Rasul Douglas, a second-year cornerback for the reigning Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles; and Teana Muldrow, a basketball All-American who played at West Virginia University and was selected in the WNBA Draft this spring.

The EOCHS boys’ track and field team, under EOCHS alumnus Lance Wigfall, was considered the best in the state this past school year as the Jaguars won indoor and outdoor team titles on the conference, county and state levels.

Estrict has met a few of the coaches, who have made a strong impression.

“They’re focused; they’re seasoned,” said Estrict, a Passaic native who went through the school system in that city. “I think they have a good grasp on their players.”

Derrick Johnson has returned as the EOCHS girls’ basketball head coach after a one-year hiatus during which he was the EOCHS athletic director. Johnson was the coach for 14 seasons, leading the Jaguars to sectional titles in  2010, 2013, 2015, and 2016, and county crowns in 2015 and 2016.

In addition, Gabriel Baltimore is the new head boys’ basketball coach.

Estrict also invites parents to become involved and take an interest in their children’s sports participation.

“We have a saying here, ‘It takes a village.’ We need the cooperation with the home as well as from the school,” Estrict said. “Of course, we would like the parents to play an active role as far as supporting and participating their students on the athletic (levels) as well as here in the classroom in school.”

Estrict also has much confidence in the leadership of Mike Baldwin, who became the athletic director at the end of this past school year.

“He’s on top of everything,” said Estrict of Baldwin. “He seems like he is going to fit in well. He is supported by all the coaches and this administration. I am looking for big things from Mr. Baldwin.”