Irvington HS girls hoops team enjoys six-game win streak

IRVINGTON, NJ — The Irvington High School girls basketball team defeated Science Park, Barringer and Beloved Charter last week to extend its winning streak to six games and improve to 7-1 overall on the season.

Janasia Wilson scored 19 points, and Micha Iah Kingsberry had 5 points and 10 rebounds in the 31-25 home win over Science Park on Tuesday, Jan. 18. Dynasia Williams had 4 points, and Jada Hill had 3 points and four rebounds.

Wilson scored 19 points and added six steals and five rebounds, and Williams had 6 points in the 31-26 home win over Barringer on Thursday, Jan. 20. Hill had 4 points and five rebounds, Samaia Dixon had 3 points and five blocks, and Kingsberry had 2 points and eight rebounds. Briana Pile had three rebounds, and Bria Hertien had two rebounds.

Wilson scored 31 points and added seven steals and six rebounds, and Kingsberry had 8 points and seven rebounds, in the 55-26 win over Beloved Charter on Friday, Jan. 21. Dixon had 4 points, six rebounds and five assists; Williams had 4 points

and four rebounds; and Hill had 4 points. Pile had 2 points and six rebounds, and Janiayah Brooks added 2 points.