Columbia HS track and field teams excel at the Cougar Classic

MAPLEWOOD/SOUTH ORANGE  – The Columbia High School track and field program hosted its 33rd annual Cougar Classic at Underhill Field on April 9.

The meet included 18 schools.

The following are CHS results


4×200 relay varsity: First place, 1:45.99, sophomore Ciara French, sophomore Briana Reckling, freshman Lillian Williams, senior Cheyenne Trigg.

Sprint medley relay varsity: First place, 4:22.75, French, Reckling, Trigg, sophomore Catherine Jordan.

High jump varsity: First place, Jordan, 4 feet, 8 inches.

Long jump varsity: Second place, junior Dahria Lewis, 15 feet, 7 inches. Third place, sophomore Isabel Farrell, 15 feet, 4 ½ inches.

Triple jump varsity: First place, Lewis, 35 feet, 9 ¼ inches. Fifth place, sophomore Ayanna Henry, 32- feet, 3 ½ inches.

Shot put varsity: Fourth place, senior Nya Hughes,32 feet, 5 inches. Fifth place, senior Jasmine Keegan, 32 feet, 1 inch.

Discus varsity: First place, Keegan, 106 feet, 5 inches.

4×100 relay novice: Fifth place, 56.89.

4×200 relay novice: First place, 2:00.77, D team junior Isabel Turi, sophomore Chantel Clementson, sophomore Yurnisi Okunola, sophomore Meca Latham. Fifth place, 2:04.18, B team. Sixth place, 2:04.25, A team. Seventh place, 2:04.70, C team.

4×400 relay novice: Fourth place, 5:16.15, A team.

4×800 relay novice: Third place, 11:20.25, A team, senior Neika Louisdort, sophomore Johanna Sainte, sophomore Emma Cook, junior Isadora Egypt. Fifth place, 12:20.24, B team.


4×200 relay varsity: Second place, 1:37.21, senior Ozzie Williams, senior Matthew Williams, senior Witchi Diejuste, junior Malcolm Moore.

Distance medley varsity: First place, 11:16.42, sophomores Edward Martinez, Jonathan Salinardo, Abayneh Charles, Tim Depue. Second place, 11:18.76: sophomores Avery Coreschi, Justin Dyer, David Ives, Luke Burke.

4×110 shuttle hurdles varsity: First place, 1:05.44, junior Jeremiah Richardson, junior Heath Stephen, Williams, senior Roodly Ovil.

4×800 relay varsity: Second place, 8:18.00, junior Robert Howell, senior Donte Rolley-Williams, senior Venchardson Vital, junior Jared Pangallozzi.

High jump varsity: First place, junior Coobee Darcelin, 5 feet, 10 inches.

Long jump varsity: Third place, Darcelin, 19 feet, 7 inches.

Triple jump varsity: First place, Ovil, 41 feet, 5 inches. Seventh place, sophomore Wigenlors Altenor, 37 feet, 1 ½ inches.

Javelin varsity: Eighth place,Connor Dixon, 106 feet, 11 inches. Ninth place, Connor Goff, 106 feet, 8 inches.

Shot put varsity: Ninth place, Dion Bryan, 38 feet, 1 inch. 11th place, Xavier Parks, 33 feet, 11 inches.

Discus varsity: Ninth place, Parks, 91 feet, 2 inches.

4×200 relay novice: Fourth place, 1:42.34.

4×400 relay novice: Second place, 3:54.75, Martinez, Abayneh, Salinardo, Depue.

4×800 relay novice: First place, 9:00.76, sophomore Luke Burke, sophomores Avery Coreschi, Justin Dyer, David Ives.

Shot put novice: Seventh place, sophomore Joshua Campbell, 32 feet, 6 inches.