West Orange HS girls volleyball player Nola Duncan ranked among best in nation

WEST ORANGE, NJ — In the realm of high school sports, talent often speaks louder than words. West Orange High School’s sophomore sensation, Nola Duncan, is making a resounding statement on the volleyball court. Recently recognized as the 24th-best high school volleyball player in the nation by EXACT Sports, Duncan has etched her name among the elite.

The esteemed ranking was bestowed upon her at the 2023 EXACT Sports Showcase and Training Program for Aspiring College Athletes. This event, a hotbed of talent evaluation, nomination and ranking, serves as a critical platform for aspiring athletes, like Duncan, to catch the eyes of NCAA and NAIA college coaches nationwide.

Not content with just a spot in the top 100, Duncan has also found herself on the exclusive EXACT 11 Watchlist. This list, comprising the finest of volleyball talent, is carefully curated from high school ID and showcase camps hosted by EXACT Sports across the United States. Handpicked by discerning college coaches, the EXACT 11 represents a pinnacle of skill, dedication and potential.

During her first two varsity seasons at West Orange High School, she has showcased her skill with more than 200 kills, nearly 200 digs and an impressive 40 blocks. These stellar performances played a pivotal role in her team’s triumphant Super Essex Conference–

Liberty Division championship.

Duncan is not merely a rising star; she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of high school volleyball. Her dedication and skill have earned her a place among the nation’s best, as recognized by a network of esteemed college coaches. The EXACT 11 Watchlist is not just a testament to her abilities, but also a nod to her determination, elite stature and unwavering commitment to the sport she loves.

As Duncan continues to soar on the volleyball court, one can’t help but anticipate what the future holds for this talented athlete. West Orange High School has undoubtedly become the backdrop for Duncan’s meteoric rise, and the nation is taking notice of this volleyball prodigy in the making.

Photo Courtesy of West Orange High School Sports Media Association