West Orange HS Sports Media Association hits 1 million photo views

WEST ORANGE, NJ — The West Orange High School Sports Media Association (WOHSSMA) is celebrating an incredible milestone – 1 million views of their 10,000+ photos captured since the organization’s inception in spring 2022! This is a remarkable achievement that showcases the dedication and hard work of the team behind the camera.

The photos include a wide range of subjects, from media day headshots to action photos, special events, and more. These images capture the excitement and energy of high school sports, giving community members and fans a glimpse into the world of their favorite local teams and neighborhood players.

The WOHSSMA has pioneered the makings of a visual record of the school’s sports history, and their work and stories will be enjoyed by generations to come. This milestone is not only an achievement for the team behind the camera but also for the school, the players, coaches, community, and the fans. Their work will help to keep memories alive and allow people to relive the moments that made high school sports so special.

“The West Orange High School Sports Media Association has truly outdone themselves with this incredible milestone. Their dedication to capturing the energy and excitement of our school’s sports programs is evident in every single photo they take. Their work brings the community together. We are so proud of their achievement and can’t wait to see what they accomplish next.” said Assistant Athletic Director/Advisor Peter Ficuciello.

“Hitting 1 million views of our photos within the first year is an incredible accomplishment for our small but powerful team. This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students in our organization and the support of our school and community,” said WOHSSMA founder, Mason Bashkoff.

Sports included in the million-views milestone include Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Fencing, Track & Field, Tennis, Lacrosse, Softball, Cheerleading, and even the Marching Band. Photos can be viewed at https://wohssports.smugmug.com/

Highlights include: 

  • Boys Soccer Sectional Championship win over Clifton, Football Sectional Championship win over Phillipsburg, First-ever home Fencing match at West Orange High School
  • Media Day photos from Wrestling, Girls Basketball, Indoor Track & Field
  • 2022 Fall Homecoming and Hometown Champions’ Celebration

The WOHSSMA extends its gratitude to the coaches, boosters, and athletes for their support in helping them reach this incredible milestone.

For more information about the West Orange High School Sports Media Association or to get involved, email [email protected]