West Orange HS girls volleyball team seeks successful season

WEST ORANGE, NJ — The West Orange High School girls volleyball team is looking to have a successful season.

“We’re working hard on staying calm, cool and collected in the way we execute each point we win and each point we lose,” said West Orange head coach John Chang. “Building confidence in themselves and each other has been a challenge, but we’re slowly getting there. We’re not focused so much on winning but rather becoming excellent in the new system I’ve been teaching them. Wins will come, but we must first do things the right way and have a solid team foundation in everything we do.”

West Orange is 0-2 on the season after losing to Caldwell on Thursday, Sept. 8, and Montclair Kimberley Academy on Saturday, Sept. 10, both at home.

Here is the West Orange varsity team roster:

  • Onyedika Achebe, senior
  • Alexis Cleverley, junior
  • Isabella Davis, senior
  • Nola Duncan, freshman
  • Lucinda Edwards, senior
  • Sophia Feli, sophomore
  • Stacy Folas, junior
  • D’Jenny Fonrose, junior.
  • Jenna James, senior
  • Hunter Levine, junior.
  • Chase Morgan, senior
  • Gabby Pineda, junior
  • Maya Price, sophomore.
  • Olivia Raymond, junior
  • Sydney Richardson, senior
  • Danna Urias, senior
  • Kendall Williams, junior.