PROGRESS: Maplewood shows progress in 2018

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — In 2018, Maplewood saw a lot of growth, both in its culture and physically. In addition to new businesses and residents coming to town, Maplewood upgraded infrastructure, invested in safety and showed pride in its diversity. Maplewood made national news on June 7, when it installed New Jersey’s first permanent rainbow-striped crosswalks […]

Maplewood Jitney to realign with NJ Transit schedule

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Effective Tuesday, Sept. 5, NJ Transit plans to restore full rail service to and from Penn Station New York following the conclusion of Phase One of Amtrak’s track renewal project. All Morris & Essex Line Midtown Direct trains will resume service to and from PSNY and will no longer be diverted to […]

Maplewood Jitney alters schedule during summer delays

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — In response to AMTRAK repairs being performed at New York Penn Station by NJ Transit from July 10 through Sept. 1, a temporary Maplewood Jitney schedule will be implemented and will run during that time. The temporary jitney schedule reflective of NJ Transit’s changes can be found on the township website at […]

Maplewood Jitney alters schedule to accommodate NJ Transit delays

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — As a result of the projected delays reported by NJ Transit, the Maplewood Department of Public Works will modify its evening jitney departure times. Effective immediately the evening jitneys will no longer follow the posted departure times, but will now await the arrival of the Midtown Direct trains. The jitneys will be […]

Amendments to jitney routes in Maplewood

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Beginning May 22, the Hilton and Maplecrest jitney buses will undergo a few minor route and schedule alterations. New stops added to the Hilton Route are as follows: Stop 4: Indiana Street and Lexington Avenue; Stop 5: Millburn Avenue and Manley Terrace; Stop 6: Valley Street and Broadview Avenue; and Stop 7: […]