PROGRESS: Maplewood shows progress in 2018

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — In 2018, Maplewood saw a lot of growth, both in its culture and physically. In addition to new businesses and residents coming to town, Maplewood upgraded infrastructure, invested in safety and showed pride in its diversity. Maplewood made national news on June 7, when it installed New Jersey’s first permanent rainbow-striped crosswalks […]

Woman’s Club celebrates 103rd anniversary

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Celebrating the 103rd anniversary of the Maplewood Woman’s Club, members gathered at the club’s former home on Woodland Road to reflect on what they had accomplished during 2018 and to look ahead to the future. The Woman’s Club recently began holding their meetings at The Woodland again, after selling the building to […]

CHSSF continues to support grads seeking higher ed

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Columbia High School alumni and students gathered in the school’s library for the annual Columbia High School Scholarship Fund reception June 7, to meet the donors who provided the funds for their scholarships and share their continuing education plans. The 95-year-old nonprofit organization has given away more than $1.3 million in scholarships […]

Woman’s Club donates $300K to library

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — “Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” Walter Cronkite once said these words and the Maplewood Woman’s Club has clearly taken them to heart, handing over a check for $300,000 to the Maplewood Memorial Library Foundation on Feb. 22. This check is […]

CHSSF works to keep sending SOMA students to college

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — The Columbia High School Scholarship Fund hosted its fifth annual cocktail reception for 120 guests at the Maplewood Club on Sept. 9 to raise money for the scholarships that will be distributed next May. The nonprofit awards need-based scholarships to graduates of Columbia High School to help fund their post-secondary education. In […]

Maplewood Woman’s Club hits centennial

Woman’s Club celebrates 100 years of service, fellowship; looks forward to 100 more years

Maplewood Woman’s Club hits centennial

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — In today’s age of short-lived Snapchats and disposable everything, not much lasts for a century. Startups fold, restaurants close and leaders fall from the public eye. Fame is 15 minutes long, with luck. The Woman’s Club of Maplewood, however, is another story. On Friday, Dec. 2, it celebrated 100 years of steadfast […]

Maplewood cares for Maplewood

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — The Evening Membership Department of the Maplewood Woman’s Club continued its Thanksgiving tradition of providing 10 food bins to the Maplewood Welfare Department. Members have been packing the colorful bins each year for the past 15 years. Each bin contains five pounds of potatoes; three pounds of onions; a fresh turnip; fresh […]