Orange police officer suspended as after school incident investigated

ORANGE, NJ — The Orange Police Department and the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office are currently investigating the incident involving Orange Police Officer Hanifah Davis, two twin sisters who are seniors at Orange High School, and Orange High School Athletic Director and Vice Principal Mohammed Abdel Aziz that occurred Thursday, Oct. 12, on the corner of […]

Mosque seeks to relocate to Orange

ORANGE, NJ — Imam W. Deen Shareef is looking for a new site to relocate his Masjid Waarith ud Deen mosque, now in Irvington, and he has set his sights on Orange, although the Orange Board of Education is currently trying to buy the building he wants. “Masjid Waarith ud Deen is kind of like […]

Vauss administration sends tax savings flier

IRVINGTON, NJ — A recent public mailing from the Vauss administration details the alleged savings township taxpayers have enjoyed since 2014, despite the fact that Irvington recently admitted to a $3.25 million deficit in 2015 and deficits of $2.4 million in the 2016 and 2017 budgets. Earlier this year, Irvington Municipal Council President David Lyons […]

IFD works its ‘Fill the Boot’ fundraising campaign

IFD works its ‘Fill the Boot’ fundraising campaign

IRVINGTON, NJ — The members of the Irvington Fire Division were busy “passing the boot” to collect donations for a good cause on Thursday, Oct. 5, leading up to the seventh annual Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday, Oct. 8. “We also did a ‘Fill the Boot’ drive, from which we raised about $3,500, and we’re […]

Brown rehired as PSD’s new deputy director

IRVINGTON, NJ — John Brown was present at the seventh annual Cancer Walk on Sunday, Oct. 8, in his capacity as the township’s new deputy director for the Irvington Public Safety Department. “It feels great to be back and serving the community that I still live in,” said Brown on Sunday, Oct. 8. “It’s always […]

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