Borough considers banning rentals for less than 30 days

GLEN RIDGE — The mayor and council will consider the adoption of an ordinance to prohibit short-term rental properties
at their meeting on Monday, June 10.
This meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the seconnd floor of the Glen Ridge Municipal Building, located at 825 Bloomfield Ave., Glen Ridge.
This ordinance will prohibit the rental of a residential dwelling unit for 30 days or less. The ordinance will require any property owner or primary occupant who intends to rent out a residential dwelling unit to complete an Application for Annual Rental License through the Building Department, according to a press release from the borough.
The law establishes methods of enforcement and penalties and permits the mayor and council the ability to grant exceptions to the time period requirement in conjunction with a film license.
Glen Ridge residents and the general public will be provided an opportunity to make comment on the ordinance during a public comment portion of the adoption hearing.