Carteret Elementary decorates to be inclusive

At right, Carteret Elementary School guidance counselor Marissa Acosta stands with, from left, kindergarteners Mavi Gaibor and Evan Ramrattan, next to a classroom door decorated for ‘togetherness.’

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The doors to Carteret Elementary School classrooms were decorated last month to make everyone feel welcomed, according to guidance counselor Marrissa Acosta.
“For Martin Luth King, Jr. Day, last year, we picked someone famous and decorated the doors with their inspiration. But this year, we wanted something more personal to the students and we chose the themes of unity and togetherness.
Acosta said the teachers try to expose the students to as much culture and history as they can.
“Blomfield is very diverse and it’s important to celebrate our students’ diversity,” she said. “We also celebrated the Lunar New Year, this year, which is new for the school.”
This March, a lot was going on, too. Acosta said there is Spanish History Month and International Acceptance Day, for the physically disabled. Celebrations are used in the curriculum, she said.
“This year, I’ve been realizing, we celebrate traditional holidays,” Acosta said. “But some of my students don’t celebrate certain holidays. It’s super important for our students to teach each other about their culture, religion and who they are.”