Hughes sworn in again as Glen Ridge councilman

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GLEN RIDGE, NJ — Peter Hughes, who has served on the Glen Ridge Borough Council since 2001 and who served as the borough’s mayor from 2008 to 2016, was again sworn into office as a council member on Tuesday, Jan. 3. 

“We in Glen Ridge pride ourselves in volunteerism, and Peter is the epitome of this,” Mayor Stuart Patrick told The Glen Ridge Paper. “He’s never not there; (he’s) always ready to do the job. He’s been on every committee and understands the problems. He is part of a considerable body of institutional knowledge and the epitome of our institutional memory.”

Photos Courtesy of Susan Hughes

Caption 1: Peter Hughes, center, is joined by his family at the Glen Ridge Borough Council reorganization meeting on Jan. 3. From left, daughter Jackie; grandson Benjamin; granddaughter Ruby; and wife, Susan.

Caption 2: A photo from The Glen Ridge Paper shows Peter Hughes, far right, taking the oath of office in 2001. With him are, from left, his daughters, Jackie and Claire; his son, Andrew; and his wife, Susan.

Caption 3: A clipping from the Star-Ledger shows Peter Hughes taking the oath of office in 2008.

Caption 4: At past reorganization meetings, Peter Hughes’ daughter Jackie would hold the Bible. On Jan. 3, Hughes’ granddaughter, Ruby, held the Bible for him.