FamiCare founder wants to start a back-to-Haiti movement

NEWARK, NJ — During a rally on the steps of Newark City Hall in downtown Newark on Thursday, Jan. 18, Mayor Tony Vauss joined his counterparts from East Orange, Orange, Newark and Hillside in speaking out against recent alleged negative remarks about Haitians, Africans and others that were attributed to President Donald Trump. At Large […]

Irvington concerned Trump administration ending TPS

IRVINGTON, NJ — Former Irvington Building Department Director and newly elected East Orange Mayor Ted Green chimed in on Tuesday, Jan. 9, with the growing chorus of concerns raised by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s decision to end the Temporary Protected Status of 200,000 El Salvadorans who have been allowed to live and work […]

Nominating petitions for upcoming election are now available

Photo by Chris Sykes Township clerk Harold Wiener, left, watches as, from left, at large Councilwoman October Hudley, Council Vice President and at large Councilwoman Renee Burgess, at large Councilwoman Charnette Frederic and Mayor Tony Vauss pick up nominating petition candidate’s packets from his office on Tuesday, Jan. 2, the first day it became available […]

Upgrades and renovations continue at 40th St. Park

IRVINGTON, NJ — Earlier this year, Mayor Tony Vauss and Recreation Department Director Donald Malloy announced that the long-awaited 40th Street Park renovation and upgrade had finally begun, which also meant no summer camps or activities will be scheduled at the park during July and August. “We’re operating out of all the parks in town, […]

Recreation Department has numerous plans for summer

IRVINGTON — Mayor Tony Vauss and Recreation Department Director Donald Malloy have numerous activities and events planned for township residents of all ages during the summer, but 40th Street Park is not included in any as it is currently undergoing a much-needed renovation. “This is one of our great busy times, which is our Recreation […]

McDaniel continues efforts to recall the mayor

IRVINGTON, NJ — It’s a new year, but Elouise McDaniel, president of the Irvington Joint Block and Nesbitt Terrace Block associations, is continuing the effort to recall Mayor Tony Vauss, which she began with Dee Fuqua and Cathy Southern. Fuqua is president of the Orange Avenue and Oakland Avenue Block Association and Southern has run […]

Township partners with Pillar College to offer higher education

IRVINGTON, NJ — On Monday, Aug. 8, Mayor Tony Vauss announced Irvington’s new partnership with Pillar College and its Life Enhancement Accelerated Degree Program, to offer adult accelerated degree programs to residents and township employees. Board of Education President Romaine Greer said she plans to take advantage of the program; otherwise, she said, she would make […]