Orange Council to consider city budget July 12

ORANGE, NJ — Orange City Council President and East Ward Councilman Kerry Coley and at large Councilman Chris Jackson, the newly-elected council vice president, agree that dealing with the challenges presented by Mayor Dwayne Warren’s 2018 budget proposal will be their top priority, now that the governing body’s new leadership has been settled. “The department-focused […]

Meet-and-greet introduces Orange’s new business administrator

Meet-and-greet introduces Orange’s new business administrator

ORANGE, NJ — Mayor Dwayne Warren has selected Chris Hartwyk as Orange’s new business administrator. City Council President Donna K. Williams and other council members were so pleased to have a full-time, certified and experienced business administrator that they organized a meet-and-greet session at the Sandwiches Unlimited restaurant on Center Street on Wednesday, Dec. 14, […]

Todd Warren, Chris Hartwyk given full-time positions in Orange

ORANGE, NJ — Although Resolution No. 333-2016 was approved by Orange City Council on Tuesday, Oct. 18, the decision was not unanimous. According to the City Clerk’s Office, both West Ward Councilman Harold J. Johnson and at large Councilman Chris Jackson voted against the resolution, which called for the simultaneous appointments of Chris Hartwyk as […]