Irvington’s State of the Township address promotes police officials 

Irvington’s State of the Township address promotes police officials 

IRVINGTON, NJ — On Feb. 25, Mayor Tony Vauss presented his State of the Township address at Transcend Worship Center in Irvington, along with Donald Malloy, director of the Department of Recreation. Opening remarks were delivered by Business Administrator Musa Malik and followed by a video of the township’s department directors discussing upcoming projects and […]

Irvington Public Safety Department to receive new computers 

IRVINGTON, NJ — When Irvington’s Municipal Council met in Town Hall on Monday, Jan. 13, it authorized the purchase of computers and accessories for the Irvington Public Safety Department by state contract with SHI International at a cost of $43,309. The Irvington Public Safety Department has been trying to stay ahead of ever-evolving technological advances […]

Bowers looks forward to many good things planned for 2019

IRVINGTON, NJ — Public Safety Director Tracy Bowers wants residents to know there is plenty to look forward to in the New Year. Bowers cited the decision to assign Detective Marcus Smith to serve as the Police Division’s official “senior cop,” assigning Sgt. Sheyla Marquez-Zepeda to serve as the official “kids cop” and the creation […]

Senior police officer assigned to seniors issues

IRVINGTON, NJ — When it comes to innovative policing tactics and strategy, the Irvington Public Safety Division’s senior police officers do exactly what that name implies — focus on crime and issues related to the township’s senior citizens. “This is our guard, too,” said Irvington Senior Citizens Center manager Gloria Chisun on Friday, Nov. 9, […]

PSD director received raise before audit revealed deficit

IRVINGTON, NJ — Former Irvington Fire Director John Brown’s recent re-hiring as the deputy director of the township’s Public Safety Department during mandatory salary deferments and furloughs implemented by the Vauss administration has focused a spotlight on how the Public Safety Department is funded. The budget cuts were intended to address a $3.25 million deficit […]

Brown rehired as PSD’s new deputy director

IRVINGTON, NJ — John Brown was present at the seventh annual Cancer Walk on Sunday, Oct. 8, in his capacity as the township’s new deputy director for the Irvington Public Safety Department. “It feels great to be back and serving the community that I still live in,” said Brown on Sunday, Oct. 8. “It’s always […]

Although Chase was paid $37,673, he still wants W2 form

Although Chase was paid $37,673, he still wants W2 form

IRVINGTON, NJ — Former police Chief Michael Chase considers it good news that the township has agreed to pay him the $37,673 that the New Jersey state civil Service commission says it owes him, although he has still not received a W2 tax form from township government for this amount. This is the same amount […]

Mayor unveils new police unit at township address

IRVINGTON, NJ — Last year, Mayor Tony Vauss unveiled the Irvington Public Safety Department Police Division’s new Special Enforcement Response Team at his second annual State of the Township Address. This year, Vauss introduced the Police Division’s new Threat Assessment Criminal Intelligence Team at his third annual State of the Township Address on Thursday, Jan. […]

13 police officers promoted, as well as township’s first black fire chief

IRVINGTON, NJ — Mayor Tony Vauss and Public Safety Director Tracy Bowers recently promoted 13 members of the Irvington Police Department, ranging from sergeant to deputy chief. Capt. Stephen Yannotti, Det. Capt. Michael Tomich and Capt. Dwayne Mitchell were all promoted to deputy chief. The other promotions included: Lt. Stewart Townsend, Lt. Kenneth Price, Lt. […]