PSD director received raise before audit revealed deficit

IRVINGTON, NJ — Former Irvington Fire Director John Brown’s recent re-hiring as the deputy director of the township’s Public Safety Department during mandatory salary deferments and furloughs implemented by the Vauss administration has focused a spotlight on how the Public Safety Department is funded. The budget cuts were intended to address a $3.25 million deficit […]

Vauss administration sends tax savings flier

IRVINGTON, NJ — A recent public mailing from the Vauss administration details the alleged savings township taxpayers have enjoyed since 2014, despite the fact that Irvington recently admitted to a $3.25 million deficit in 2015 and deficits of $2.4 million in the 2016 and 2017 budgets. Earlier this year, Irvington Municipal Council President David Lyons […]

Orange figures into Irvington mayor’s resignation of Hillside job

ORANGE, NJ — Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss recently quit his new full-time job with the Hillside Department of Public Works on Wednesday, Sept. 20. Several current or former members of Orange’s administration have been connected to the administrations of both Vauss or Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson. Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren previously worked part-time as an […]

Vauss resigns from Hillside DPW job

Vauss resigns from Hillside DPW job

IRVINGTON, NJ — Mayor Tony Vauss officially resigned from his new job working for the Hillside Department of Public Works on Wednesday, Sept. 20, and unofficially touched off a war of words between two of the four political campaigns competing to succeed Mayor Angela Garretson in the November Hillside municipal election. “It is with great […]

Police captain cleared of all criminal charges, back to work

Police captain cleared of all criminal charges, back to work

IRVINGTON, NJ — Wednesday, Sept. 6, was the first day back on the job for Irvington Police Division Capt. Monique Smith, after she was cleared of all criminal charges related to an off-duty incident involving Newark Councilman John Sharpe James in 2014, son of the former Newark mayor. According to Smith’s attorney, Steven Altman, on […]

Township has kept homicide rate down to three this year

IRVINGTON, NJ — As the 2017-2018 school year began Thursday, Sept. 7, Mayor Tony Vauss and Public Safety Director Tracy Bowers celebrated the success of the Summer Policing Plan, which had resulted in no homicides in town from the end of school in June until Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 4. Since Vauss became mayor […]

Firefighters fear persecution for not supporting furlough plan

IRVINGTON, NJ — In the midst of an ongoing Public Safety Department Internal Affairs investigation into the work histories and criminal backgrounds of all current Fire Division personnel, Vicki Martignetti sent an email on Thursday, Aug. 10, to the Irvington Herald, complaining about the township’s failure to fulfill its contractual obligation to pay the health […]

Unity Day a hit in Irvington

Unity Day a hit in Irvington

IRVINGTON, NJ — Mayor Tony Vauss and the township of Irvington celebrated Unity Day with free concerts, free food and drinks and fun for residents of all ages in Orange Avenue Park on Saturday, Aug. 12. Singer Melba Moore headlined the event, which also featured performance by members of the legendary Classic R&B singing groups […]

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