Big Daddy Kane to headline Unity Day celebration

IRVINGTON, NJ — According to Mayor Tony Vauss, it’s going to be “All hail the Kane” on Saturday, Aug. 10, when rapper Big Daddy Kane headlines the township’s 18th annual Unity Day celebration in Orange Avenue Park.

The roster of singers and performers scheduled for this year’s event includes: Anonymous, Creme, Helen & Terry Jones, Marlena Moniece and Chinah Blac. Monique Lattice and Jay the Comedian will be hosting this year’s celebration, which will also feature DJ Qua and his son, DJ Taj, with his crew EMG.

If it rains, the event will be held inside Irvington High School. This happened last year, when another old school hip-hop artist, Slick Rick the Ruler, was slated as the featured performer.

“The show must go on and it always does at our Unity Day event,” said Vauss on Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018.

Vauss said that’s exactly the approach he and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Director Donald Malloy are taking this year.

“What should have turned into a really bad day because of the weather has really turned into a great, positive day for the Township of Irvington,” said Malloy at last year’s event. “The mayor was singing with Slick Rick.”

Last year, Vauss and Malloy moved the Unity Day celebration indoors, with children’s attractions in the Irvington High School Gym and adult events and entertainment in the Auditorium.

“The rain didn’t stop us. We moved it inside to the high school. We had several things going on in the gymnasium. We had the bouncy rides, we had DJ Taj here playing music for the kids, we had plenty of food, still cooked out behind the high school,” said Vauss. “Inside, we had the seniors over in Room 123, or I think Room 125. Then, as soon as the show starts, everybody comes to the auditorium and it’s all the adults, while the kids have fun in the gym. It’s just a great time. Everybody can enjoy themselves at once. We had so many great acts today, all genres of music. My favorite was Slick Rick.”

“Tonight was a crazy night,” said DJ Taj at last year’s Unity Day event. “I was back and forth. I watched both shows. I couldn’t miss nothing. It worked out good. At first I was a little leery about it, but then everybody had air conditioning, so we were good. It was better than being outside.”

Malloy said he was thankful everything worked out well last year and he hopes things are better this year.

For more information about the 18th annual Unity Day celebration, call Malloy at 973-668-0729.