Seth Boyden PTA earns Local Unit Success Award in Environmental Awareness

Photo Courtesy of Olivia Yearns
From left are National PTA Secretary-Treasurer Denise Sultz, Seth Boyden PTA President Olivia Yearns and New Jersey PTA President Rose Acerra.

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — New Jersey PTA recognized Seth Boyden Elementary School PTA as the recipient of the Local Unit Success Award in Environmental Awareness at the NJPTA 118th Convention Awards Celebration on March 23. Seth Boyden Elementary School PTA was recognized for its outstanding contribution to improve the lives of the children at its school and is one of 600 PTAs across the state.

“New Jersey’s PTAs continue to strive for the children of New Jersey. They are committed to making every child’s potential a reality,” NJPTA President Rose Acerra said. “We are pleased to recognize the leadership and dedication of Seth Boyden Elementary School PTA. This PTA is making a significant contribution to their school and community.”

The Seth Boyden Elementary School PTA completed a 200-tree Children’s Arboretum and Story Trail on the school grounds. In addition, its members made improvements to the school’s Outdoor Learning Center, including a large produce and native habitat garden. According to the Seth Boyden Elementary School PTA, this project had two goals: to involve a broad spectrum of its diverse PTA membership, forging closer bonds among members, and to expand the space for active learning of environmental science and nutrition, as well as for play.

“‘Environmental Awareness’ is one of the 10 NJPTA 2019 Local Unit Success awards. Local PTAs bring amazing, innovative programs and services to children and families every day, and we are honored to recognize and celebrate their achievements,” Acerra said.